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CEO Message

Beco is the product of the need to change many decades of poor and unreliable electricity supply in Somalia as a whole and in Mogadishu and its surroundings in particular. 

In order to better serve their clients, the local electricity suppliers who understood the importance of joining forces by putting their resources of capital, asset, manpower, knowhow and management expertise together, decided to unite under the banner of one company and thus, 5th of May 2014, established Beco.

This unity has afforded Beco to improve the dilapidated infrastructure by investing in newer more efficient machines, better technology and high end expertise. Which resulted in lowered the rates of the electricity from $1.2/kwh to $0.25/kwh depending on the usage of the clients.

Beco now employs over 1000 strong workforce from electrical, mechanical, engineering, sales, marketing, and management staff in five main power generation stations, over 100 customer service branches and sales points in and around Banadir and other regions.

 At Beco, we value the environmental and economic benefits of producing our electricity supply from renewable energy. In our Green Energy Strategic plan, we commit ourselves to the gradual reduction of carbon emitting generators and now we generate 20% of our electricity productions from Solar Farms. We are also in the process of introducing yet another renewable energy sources such as wind power. Our engineers with the help of other experts in such technology are working hard in implementing that vision.

With us; the future of power generation and distribution in Somalia is very friendly. Affordability, availability, and sustainability is what we strive for. Together we can lit the light of better future for our community at large.