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Beco Background

Since the fall of Somalia’s central government in 1991, electricity service has solely been a role of the dynamic Somali private sector. The private sector tried to satisfy the electricity demand but was unable to cover a fraction of it due to financial constraints, lack of skilled manpower and adequate machinery. Consumers took advantage of whatever electricity supply they could get however substandard and unreliable it might be. This has led to establishment of BECO on the 5th of May 2014 where major electricity companies in Banadir region decided to join forces and unite under one large and more resourceful firm that is capable of offering reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity to the growing market demand. Beco is the largest electricity supplier in the country, covering 80% of Mogadishu, 100% airport and Halane area, Jubbaland, Southwest Somalia, and Hirshabelle. The company was established to improve the power generation, transmission and distribution network which was the worst before Beco.