Electricity Instruction

Important electrical safety improvement guidelines :

1 – Do not touch any wires, appliances, or any other sources of electric current with wet hand.
2 – Keep all liquids away from sources of electric current.
3 – Always avoid inserting metal objects into any source of electric current.
4 – Conduct periodic checkups of electrical wirings to ensure electrical safety and to keep it in good working condition.
5 – Teaching children that electricity is very useful, but at the same time it is risky and dangerous.
6 – When disconnecting a power plug from the wall outlet, always pull the plug; not the cable.
7 – DO NOT overload the electric circuit more than its rated capacity.
8 – Whenever a tape is found on a wire, it must be monitored and replaced when necessary.
9 – It is preferred to cut off the electricity from any appliance after use.
10 – It is preferred to cover up those rarely used sockets.
11 – It is NOT recommended to purchase electric toys using AC current for children.  Battery operated toys are much more recommended.
12 – Tell the children that electric lamps are hot when lit.
13 – Always make sure the bulb is securely seated into the socket.
14 – It is dangerous to have electrical wirings beneath carpets/rugs.
15 – It is dangerous to have loose electrical wirings along corridors and entrances.
16- Whenever an electrical appliance or device breaks down, disconnect it from the electrical power supply and should not be reconnected until the appliance/device has been repaired.
17 – Inform the children that metals such as iron are good electrical conductors and non-metals such as wood are non-conductors.