Power Generation

Power generation is the first component of the electricity services of Beco.
Our electricity is generated from diesel fueled generators and solar farms.
ENEE and Darusalam are the main stations which are currently on the line and supplying to most of Mogadishu and surroundings.
Beco has implemented 2.5MW solar farm which is the biggest renewable energy generation site in Somalia at large.
Diesel generators and solar farms a have been combined with in Hybrid system configuration.



Beco is currently supplying through 11KV transmission line throughout Mogadishu and surroundings. Electricity is regularly transmitted to substations near populated areas.
The main components of our transmission system are:-
 Transmission concrete poles
 Transmission lines (overhead/underground)
 Substation (transformers)



Distribution is the final component of the Power of Beco to serve its consumers.
Beco is the major distribution company which supplies over 80% of Banadir and surrounding regions such as Mogadishu. Beco distribution system contains of:-
 Distribution lines
 Distribution concrete poles.
 Distribution panels
 Metering units



BECO has planned to expand its services every where in the country: main towns, regions, districts and villages as soon as practically possible.
Currently our service covers all of Benadir and most of Lower Shabelle regions including the capital city of Mogadishu with over 2 million inhabitants.


We are committed to provide sustainable electrici- ty free from interruptions and continuously. This can only be achieved by investing in the electricity infrastructure from generation, transmission and distribution using reliable sources and the modern technology.


From the beginning BECO fulfilled its promises and one the main reasons of its establishment, lower- ing prices

BECO Projects


Beco Call-Centre runs support or helps regularly answers technical questions from customers and assists them in 24/7 service.
Customer service contact center answers specific queries relating to customer issues, this type of service also used to respond to customer complaints and undertake retention strategies for Beco customers.
Also, call center services can be available 24/7 free, allowing BECO’s customers to constantly keep in touch the moment any issue arises.